7.15 Restoring the Universe in ZACK SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAGUE

After Joss Whedon?s Justice League failed to catch on with audiences, those committed to seeing Zack Snyder?s original vision brought to completion began the most extensive fan campaign that Hollywood has ever seen. Featuring hashtags, billboards and even renting a plane, #ReleaseTheSnyderCut seemed like a passionate but empty pursuit. However, after four years and an…

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your sunday drive podcast

Joker & What It Says About Us

Did you see Joker? What did you think of it? In this episode of the Your Sunday Drive podcast, we take a close look at the movie Joker and the zeitgeist surrounding it. Topics and questions include: Why the film is controversial; does it glamorize an evil character? is it a good film?; related fears…

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4.06 a JUSTICE LEAGUE of our own

Grab your batarang and 5-pronged trident, because, in this episode, ScreenFish Radio wraps the lasso of truth around JUSTICE LEAGUE, the culminating film of DC cinematic universe. Back from his vacation, Steve is joined by super friends Arnaldo Reyes and Pastor James Harleman (Cinemagogue) to decide if the film leaps tall buildings in a single…

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