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Since 2015, ScreenFish has sought to connect our culture narratives with the deepest cries of our hearts. Whether it’s the latest Marvel superhero epic to dramatic Oscar fare, we believe fully that the stories that bring us together also speak to who we are, what we value and what we believe about the world, each other and God. We, at ScreenFish, are passionate about connecting with people and engaging the world through the eyes of film, television and culture. Through our reviews, editorials and podcasts, we continue to develop relationships with those who are passionate about the arts with the hope of speaking about deeper issues of film and faith.

However, ScreenFish also does much more than review the latest hits and indie fare! While we’re passionate about delving into our cultural narratives, we’re even more excited about the people that are impacted when we start conversations! Whether it’s free movie nights for Nigerian refugee children or challenging people in areas ranging from bullying to heroine addiction, ScreenFish continues to reach out to our communities in the hope of helping them view their world differently.

As a registered charity through Connect Ministries (in Canada), all donations are tax-receiptable and ScreenFish uses every dollar to help our team reach more people through our live events, website, podcast, and more! It’s our hope that you will help partner with us so that we can continue to bring the conversation of film and faith into our communities!

Give (in Canada)

In the USA, your support would be much appreciated as well! As a registered charity through Impact Ministries (in the US), all American donations are also tax-receiptable! Simply make a cheque payable to the Impact Foundation (while writing re: ScreenFish at the bottom) and mail your donation to:

Impact Foundation
7 Fallow Lane
Ladera Ranch, CA 92684 USA

Thank you for diving into the vision of ScreenFish!