About ScreenFish

Tell me about ScreenFish!

ScreenFish.net is a non-profit website devoted to engaging the stories that matter in our culture.  Although we’re willing to speak with narratives in various streams, our primary focus is in the area of television and film.  In other words, anything on a screen.  Why?

Because Screens Reveal…


We at ScreenFish believe that the stories we tell reveal who we are.  Through the narratives that we share, we recognize that they are often windows into the deepest longings of our souls.  In this space of freedom to express ourselves, we believe it is an opportunity to engage these points of view from an open and faith-based perspective.


We at ScreenFish believe that the arts offer echoes of deeper spiritual callings and realities.  As a faith-based site, we recognize that our God is a creative God and story-telling is one manner in which He seeks to inform and engage our world.

We at ScreenFish, seek to examine and engage these spiritual imprints in an effort to discover God’s voice where it is active in our world today.


We at ScreenFish recognize that narratives such as film and television are a key way in which we are brought together as our world.  By sharing our stories with one another, we create spaces for conversation around the things that matter most to us while, at the same time, listening to each other in humility and grace.

Welcome to the conversation. Welcome to ScreenFish.