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Jacob Sahms, Editor

jacob sahms

I write for Citizen and The Dove Foundation, as well as ScreenFish. Friend me on Facebook, follow my tweets @Spider_Raven, or comment on one of my posts here.

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Steve Norton, Editor

Born at a very early age, Steve is a Toronto-based writer and podcaster who loves to listen to what matters to our culture on screen. When he first saw Indiana Jones steal the cross of Coronado, he knew his world would never be the same and, since then, he?s found more and more excuses to digest what?s in front of him onscreen. Also, having worked as a youth and community minister for almost 20 years, he learned that stories help everyone engage the world around them. He?s a proud hubby, father (x2) and believes that Citizen Kane, Batman Forever (yes, the Kilmer one), and The Social Network belong in the same conversation.

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j alan sharrer
J. Alan Sharrer

I am a writer, web designer, and media aficionado who loves God and thinks that ‘the box’ is overrated. I live in California with my wife and three daughters. Follow me on Twitter @nomoreblackeyes or visit my blog at nomoreblackeyes.com.

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arnaldo reyes
Arnaldo Reyes

I am a loving husband and father who loves God, comics, and movies. I love to find God’s love and grace in all mediums. You can find my comics reviews at www.comicsfaithandmore.com.

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Darrel Manson

I am a retired Disciples of Christ minister who loves to consider the theological/philosophical underpinnings of films. I enjoy film festivals where I can see movies I would never have a chance to see otherwise. I?m also an passionate baseball fan who bleeds Dodger Blue.

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Heather Johnson

Heather is a marketer by trade but a writer at heart. She is always looking for the good that can be found in film and TV, even if the subject matter isn’t. By day she works in nonprofit PR while trying to keep track of her four kids and husband, and by night she is a small business owner and binger of media that isn’t directed at preschoolers.

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Julie Levac

Exposed to emotionally-driven cinema by her most important female role models, Julie is no stranger to feeling the transformative effects that film can have on one’s life.  From Billy falling off the playground in Kramer vs. Kramer, to Norma Rae standing on a table holding a union sign, or really any salon scene in Steel Magnolias, such moments can shape someone.  Julie loves learning more about the world and herself through film, and is always intrigued to discuss how others interpret film.

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Oluwaseun Olowo-Ake (Seun)

Seun is a Christian, writer and an arts lover from Lagos, Nigeria. She studied Media Production at University where she became interested in how stories shape culture; an interest that shapes how she engages with film and TV- as a viewer and as a creative. She is currently the Technology Director at Connect City, Toronto. When she?s not working, she?s holding one-woman mini concerts in her room, and dabbling on the keyboard and ukulele.

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Daniel Collins

Hi! My name is Daniel Collins! I?m the host of the teenFish podcasts! I love watching and recording on shows and movies because I get to challenge myself and others to take a deeper look at what we are viewing, and think about how it relates to us as youth and how we can relate it to what we read and learn from the Bible. It?s also a great way to build connections and strengthen relationships with the youth!

Listen to Daniel’s work at teenFish here.

Shelley McVea

Hi! I’m Shelley McVea. I’m a priest in the Anglican Church of Canada. Ever since my mother took me to see In the Heat of the Night (I was a kid – could she not find a babysitter?), I’ve been hooked on movies. I’m so glad that I met Steve Norton at a non-movie-related event in Toronto. Now I have an excuse to always be watching movies.  “I think I’m writing a review on this – I have to see it”. 

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Jason Norton

Jason Norton

A lifelong fan of horror and sci-fi, I now write stories that I hope will one day make it to the silver screen. I live with my wife (and my four sons, two dogs and two cats) in Virginia.

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