Steve Norton

Steve Norton is a pastor, hubby, and daddy (x2). I am a dedicated Jesus follower who looks for new ways to bring God glory and I have a ridiculous passion for film. It's one of my distinct interests to explore the connection between the two as well. Over the last 5 years, I've been proud to be a writer for Hollywood Jesus, Love Is Moving magazine and now, I have the privilege to help create! #forHisglory

Kinds of Kindness: Yorgos Unleashed

No one can accuse Yorgos Lanthimos of playing it safe. Having created such films as The Lobster and Poor Things, the acclaimed writer/director is known for creating tales that challenge the viewers mind (and, sometimes, patience). With the release of Kinds of Kindness, Yorgos creates another visual puzzle box inside an enigmatic mystery. For him, there’s joy in the…

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TJFF ’24: Yaniv

Directed by Amnon Carmi, Yaniv follows Barry Bernstein (Ben Ducoff), a high school drama teacher who’s budget is slashed entirely, throwing their upcoming production of Little Shop of Horrors into disarray. But things seem to be looking up when Barry hears about an underground gambling scene for the Hasidic community, centred around a little known card game called ‘yaniv’….

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TJFF ’24: The Future

Directed by Noam Kaplan, The Future follows Nurit Bloch (Reymonde Amsalem), a profiler who leads The Future Project, a government-led program that is meant to prevent people from becoming terrorists. However, after a young Arab student named Yaffa (Samar Qupty) confesses to the murder of the Minister of Space and Tourism, Nurit is left asking how their…

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