Steve Norton

Steve Norton is a pastor, hubby, and daddy (x2). I am a dedicated Jesus follower who looks for new ways to bring God glory and I have a ridiculous passion for film. It's one of my distinct interests to explore the connection between the two as well. Over the last 5 years, I've been proud to be a writer for Hollywood Jesus, Love Is Moving magazine and now, I have the privilege to help create! #forHisglory

Kill: Don’t Miss the Train

Love can be killer. In Kill, Amrit (Lakshya) is an army commando who is deeply in love with Tulika (Tanya Maniktala). However, when he discovers that she’s been engaged against her will, Amrit decides to board her New Delhi-bound train with the hopes of stealing her away. However, when the train is taken over by ruthless…

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Black Butler: Public School Arc – School can be Death

The social politics of school has always been difficult to navigate… but Black Butler takes it to another level. Black Butler: Public School Arc reunites Ciel Phantomhive (Brina Palencia) and his demonic servant, Sebastian (Michael Tatum) as they infiltrate Weston College, Great Britain’s most prestigious public school. Tasked with uncovering why multiple students—including the son of the Queen’s…

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