Steve Norton

Steve Norton is a pastor, hubby, and daddy (x2). I am a dedicated Jesus follower who looks for new ways to bring God glory and I have a ridiculous passion for film. It's one of my distinct interests to explore the connection between the two as well. Over the last 5 years, I've been proud to be a writer for Hollywood Jesus, Love Is Moving magazine and now, I have the privilege to help create! #forHisglory

Argylle: Own Your Story

Argylle tells the story of Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard), a reclusive writer who lives in the creativity of her mind. As the author of the best-selling spy novels featuring the brave and brutal ‘Agent Argylle’ (Henry Cavill), Elly’s best relationships are with her loving parents, her cat, Alfie, and her computer screen. But, after her novels…

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Slamdance 2024: The Death Tour

Directed by Stephan Peterson and executive produced by Chris Jericho, The Death Tour immerses the viewer in the frozen tundra as a ragtag band of professional wrestlers take their show through remote Indigenous communities in Northern Manitoba. Dubbed ‘The Death Tour’, this annual trip is physically and emotionally gruelling for its performers, pushing them to their limits…

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