Jason Norton

A lifelong fan of horror and sci-fi, Jason now writes stories that he hopes will one day make it to the silver screen. He and his wife (and his three sons, two dogs and two cats) live in Powhatan, Virginia.

The Devout – Life (or Lives) As Art

Kids say the darnedest things. Blurting out inappropriate potty humor at the dinner table. Sharing Mommy?s not-so-flattering nickname for Daddy during the children?s sermon. Recounting the violent end to their past life. At least most of us can identify with the first two scenarios. But in The Devout, parents Darryl and Jan Eckford (Charlie Carrick…

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Cult of Chucky–Put Your Listening Fears On

Perhaps it’s a grizzly observation, especially for a faith-based site, but someone’s gotta admit it: Slasher films can be fun. Sure, it’s satisfying–and almost justifiable–to see obnoxious, unruly teens meet their doom at the hands of some crazed killer. ?But to really enjoy slasher movies, you have to enjoy the slasher. ?And there’s perhaps no…

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Bad news for Victoria: her new frog face is the least of her worries.

Bad Blood: Look Before You Leap

Werewolves sure have it easy. Aside from a few fleas, excruciating once-per-month-transformations and obsessively/compulsively marking their territory, there’s not much to ruffle their fur. Want it tough? Trying being a were-frog. You leave a slime trail pretty much everywhere you go, no one wants to kiss you and you have an uncontrollable desire to rip…

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The Caretaker–Don’t Fret Regret

And you thought driving your Mammaw to the Piggly Wiggly was a pain. Be glad you?re not Mallorie.? She?d kill for a lazy jaunt to the corner market.? That?s because her crazed Gram Gram Birdie seems obsessed with the dead?and bringing them back to the land of the living. Sweet Mallorie (Meegan Warner) is the…

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