SF Radio 9.24: FLASHback to the 90’s BATMAN

Decades before he was ‘vengeance’ and even before he was the ‘Dark Knight’, Batman blurred the lines between silly and (why so) serious. Throughout the 1990s, four films with three Caped Crusaders dominated the box office with varying degrees of success. Now, for our 200th episode, we welcome back Dave Voigt (In The Seats) and first timer Ally LaMere-Shedden (Route504PR) to revel in the madness of the Batman Legacy films that helped define the 1990s and talk about how our relationship with Batman has changed over the years and the need for nostalgia for everyone.

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Want to continue to conversation at home?  Click the link below to download Fishing for More, some small group questions for you to bring to those in your area.

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