5.10 Deconstructing THE LEGO MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART

With the release of LEGO MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART, Emmet, Wildstyle and the crew find themselves in the worst possible scenario?when everything isn?t awesome. When an attack from DUPLO invaders further disrupts their post-apocalyptic world, Emmett must travel to the far outreaches of the Systar System in order to rescue his friends from the unmalicious queen Watevera Wanabi before she enacts Armomageddon, destroying the entire universe. This week, we welcome back Heather Johnson and Alan Sharrer to talk about the film?s understanding of growing up and the toxic gender wars.?

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5.10 Lego Movie 2 – The Second Part

Thanks Heather and Alan for joining us!



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