Welp, the name of the game here at ScreenFish is MOVIES.? So the team embarked on their annual pre-Oscar chat where they discussed who WILL win and who SHOULD win on Hollywood’s biggest night!

Chris U: Alrighty!?Pre-Oscar Fishing Hole Time! Who WILL win? Who SHOULD win?

Arnaldo R: Lol, I know nothing so will contribute nothing…Wakanda Forever!

Chris: I thought you saw Star Is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody.

Arnaldo: Nope, no interest in them. 2018 I saw probably 3 movies.?And all 3 were with my daughter. Poppins, Spiderverse and Incredibles 2.

Chris:?Let me call the easiest win first…Shallow will win Best Song. That race was over when the first trailer dropped.

Jacob S: I need to see Vice and Green Book.

Chris: Won?t get to see Vice. Didn?t play well out here in GOP-heavy Texas.? Wait, Arnaldo!? Didn’t you see Black Panther?

Arnaldo: Oh yeah, that one also. And Avengers. So five. LOL

Chris: So you saw 2 Best Animated Feature nominees. That qualifies!

Arnaldo: Spiderverse wins.

Chris: Agree 1000% percent, Incredibles 2 was very mediocre; hated the ending.

Jacob: Agree on Spiderverse. Disagree that Incredibles 2 was mediocre.

Chris: I felt no sense of real danger with the villain. Also didn?t buy her criminal machinations. Jack Jack and the raccoon was cute.? The Elastigirl/Mr. Incredible role switch was good. (Same thing has been going on in my house for the last 12 years).

Arnaldo: Incredibles 2 wasn’t better than the first.

Chris: Agreed.? 15 year wait for a sequel have packed a much bigger punch.

Arnaldo: What were the other animation films nominated?

Chris: Isle of Dogs, Ralph Breaks The Internet, Mirai

Arnaldo: Oh yeah, I saw Ralph lol.? Spidey wins.

Chris: So, allegedly, Roma stands to win 4 Oscars for 1 person: Picture/Director/Cinematography/Producer.? Who HAS seen Roma?

Jacob: Saw some of Roma. I don?t read subtitles.

Chris: I liked The Favourite. Three women with varying degrees of wickedness and depravity…in corsets!

Steve N: Sooooo, you liked the wickedness and depravity? Or the corsets?

Chris: LOL!? Definitely not the corsets!? Although you do get an eyeful of Emma Stone! Very glad BlacKkKlansman didn?t get lost in the awards shuffle. It was on shaky ground after Thanksgiving but rebounded in the race after Christmas. Probably the pre-Christmas awards rush turned out to be wack. There are 3 $200 million + grossers on the list.

Darrel M: My expectation for best pic is Black Panther. It or Roma would get my #1 vote. I think best doc will go to RBG, should go to Free Solo, although Of Fathers and Sons is perhaps the most important. Cinematography to Cold War. Animated feature to Spidey. I hope Spike Lee gets director, but it will probably go to Cuaron. Actor Rami Malek (I’d prefer Christian Bale). Actress Glenn Close. Sup actor: Mahershala Ali.? Sup Actress: Regina King. Foreign Language: Roma, but I’d prefer Shoplifters.

Chris: They predict Spike will get Adapted Screenplay They?re also predicting Amy Adams over Regina King, which will INFURIATE me to no end.

Darrel: My choices for screenplays: First Reformed and Beale Street.

Chris: Hopefully Beale Street wins Score too.? That score was FANTASTIC.

Darrel: Yeah, I may throw things at the TV if it doesn’t get score.

LATER THAT EVENING, CHRIS U watches Roma on Netflix…

Chris: Well…the mainstream cinema has stepped up its game. The snobby, pretentious, talk AT YOU stuff that the elitists adore had to answer with vigor. Roma is the answer.

Chris: Cannot believe Black Panther is gonna lose to THIS!

Jacob: We agree on that.

Chris: Sound on this is probably insane in an Atmos equipped movie theatre.? I?ll give it that. My soundbar is capturing the ambiance.? I DO see why it will win.? Movie closed out with 4 of the saddest movie scenes of the year.? Can?t share without spoiling. But…yeah.? Legit gut punches.? But is that fair for it to win just off of 3 gut punching scenes when the rest is just an exercise in Ego Filmmaking? Best Foreign Film? I?d buy it. But Best Picture?? Green Book, Star, KkKlansman, Favourite, Bohemian AND Black Panther -? ALL better than this! But…I get it.??Awards Season -is for the elite.?Roma is the type of film they eat up. It?s almost…WEINSTEINIAN!

Shelley M: Anybody seen Cold War? I’m seeing it tomorrow on recommendation of a friend – says it’s the best she’s seen all year.

Darrel: Cold War is very good. Outstanding cinematography. Great music. The story may keep the characters at arm’s length a bit..

Chris: As far as Best Picture, Roma will win.? Black Panther ABSOLUTELY SHOULD win.

Arnaldo: I want BP to win because I’m a comic guy and of course I LOVE the movie.

Chris:That movie transcended the movie screen and left an unprecedented and immovable footprint in the culture of the world. Chadwick?s acceptance speech at SAG said it all.? I don?t think I put this in my review. But halfway through the first viewing, I turned to my wife? and said ?THIS IS A DAGGONE SHAKESPEARIAN TRAGEDY, not a comic book movie!?

Arnaldo: I also want it to win because I want the bath in the tears and whining of those who will say “it’s a PC SJW win and the only reason it won”

Chris: The thing about those folks. Those tears are because we live in a world that is leaving them behind. And it?s their fault for not getting on the train.

Arnaldo: Oh yeah I know their problem. Also their loss. BP was more than a comic book film! And no amount of tears will change that.

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