Rainbow Baby: The Silent Pain of Miscarriage

Rainbow Baby is a short film centring around the aftermath of miscarriage.  Written by Kate Fenton, directed by Monica Mustelier, and produced by Lisa Michelle Cornelius, Rainbow Baby is a raw glimpse into the emotions and reality of such a devastating occurrence. 

Susan (Kate Fenton) and Ria (Amanda Cordner) have clearly been struggling with infertility for quite some time.  With mention of injections and insemination, they were doing everything in their power to conceive. Susan battles with the emotions of the loss, while also experiencing the physical ramifications of actually enduring the miscarriage.  She tries to go through her days, running her ice cream shop, but it is impossible not to be fully consumed by this grief.

What?s fascinating here is that not only do we hear Ria?s point of view on the loss, but she explains how it feels to experience a pregnancy through the partner who is actually pregnant.  The biological versus emotional experience of the partner was very interesting and not something that often gets discussed.

The strain that such a loss can put on a relationship is real.  We see a hostility between Susan and Ria that I don?t think either of them intend on.  Susan understandably has the ?you don?t know what it?s like? mentality, not taking into consideration that Ria has experienced the loss too.  They are both in pain.  It may be a different type of pain but at the end of the day they are in this together.  Isolation is easy but this is the time when you need your partner the most.

One thing that stood out to me was the disheartening fact that no one ever talks about miscarriage.  It is so common yet considered to be so taboo.  This is such an important topic to focus on because it is both incredibly heartbreaking and life changing.  Information is key.  

Despite the heavy nature of the film?s topic, there is hope amongst despair.  We are given a symbol of new growth and feel a reconnecting between Susan and Ria.  

As I watched the film holding my own rainbow baby, I couldn?t help but think back on how horrible it used to feel, and how different it feels now.  How time can make that sharp feeling in the pit of your stomach soften just a little.  It will never go away, but it?s an experience that shapes you and makes you realize how strong you are.

Look out for Rainbow Baby in the upcoming festival circuit!

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