HotDocs ’23: Unsyncable

Unsyncable follows a group of seniors who have found purpose and power in the world of synchronized swimming. Looking for the flexibility and courage that has eluded them for years, these athletes work tirelessly inside and outside of the pool with championship gold in their sights.

Directed by Megan Wennberg, Unsyncable is a charming and enthusiastic film that challenges assumptions about the perils of aging. Ranging in age from 63 to 82 years of age, Wennberg’s subjects continuously push themselves beyond our expectations, offering themselves the chance at healing and prolonged physical health. (And that’s not even mentioning Wennberg’s surprise encounter with a 93-year-old athlete.) These are people who understand that ‘if you don’t use it, you’re gonna lose it’ and we bear witness to the positive effects of their activity.

More than this, however, Unsyncable is ultimately a film about finding where you belong. For these men and women, synchronized swimming has become a haven for them to feel safe and empowered. (In fact, even within this world, we find some historic oppression with the revelation that LGBTQ men were unwelcome until recently.) By the bonds that they form between each other, they rediscover a sense of strength that can only come from serving together. In this space, they have found acceptance, beauty and a newfound joy. Their experiences in synchro allow them to rediscover a sense of ‘normality’ that has eluded them. It’s this celebration of life that keeps Unsyncable swimming and it’s call to life that is bound to inspire audiences as well.

Unsyncable is now playing at HotDocs ’23. For more information, click here.

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