7.11 Tuning In to WANDAVISION

After a long absence, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has finally made its triumphant return. Streaming exclusively on Disney+, WandaVision tells the story of beloved characters Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) who finally have the lives they?ve always wanted. However, as the white picket fence starts to show its cracks, the facade seems to point to something more sinister. Told through the lens of classic television sitcoms, WandaVision is a wild ride that pushes the Marvel Universe into the weirdest of places, giving it a charm and darkness that have kept audiences glued to their sets. Tune in this week as we?re joined by SF?ers Heather Johnson, Miriam Ibrahim and newcomer Dina Hamdia to talk about tv as a place of safety and the power of grief.?

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