TV on DVD Roundup: The Good Fight, Elementary, and The Stand

Sure, your shows are coming back, but here are a few DVD seasons that might fill in the gaps while you wait.

The Good Fight: The Third Season

Robert and Michelle King’s other “Good” series may have wrapped before they turned to “Evil,” but their run in the courtrooms with Lockhart & Co. will continue, as the fourth season has already been greenlit. For those that missed the third, Diane (Christine Baranski) continues to fight for what she believes in, against the likes of Donald Trump. Topping Law & Order for “ripped from the headlines,” the show continues to swing away, debating truth versus good narratives, and justice versus evil. Delroy Lindo and Michael Sheen top the list of notable other actors. Special features are reasonably simple – deleted scenes and a gag real – but there’s also an episode of Star Trek: Discovery included on the DVD.

Elementary: The Final Season

The second-best modern Sherlock Holmes, Jonny Lee Miller matched well with Lucy Liu’s gendered Watson for seven seasons, defying any sense that they couldn’t make it interesting. While this season took Sherlock (and Watson) back to London, it also provided plenty of conjecture about good and evil all over again, with Sherlock’s faulty confession. Of course, Aidan Quinn’s Captain Gregson and Jon Michael Hill’s Detective Bell weren’t completely abandoned, and there’s always the possibility there will be more (television movie?) Fans will dive into “Mystery Solved: The Final Season” and “Holmes is Where the Heart Is,” as well as a gag reel and deleted scenes.

The Stand Miniseries (1994)

The best (?) Stephen King novel ever received a four-part miniseries on CBS in 1994, and fans can finally unleash the epic battle between good and evil on Blu-ray. With stars like Rob Lowe, Gary Sinise, Molly Ringwald, Jamey Sheridan, Miguel Ferrer, and Ruby Dee, the director of several King projects, Mick Garris puts the story through its paces. [You get an audio commentary and a “making of” featurette if you want to dig into it more.] You get Flagg versus Mother Abigail for the fate of the world in a classic look at American culture with everything in the world at stake.

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