Throne of Atlantis – Commemorative Edition: One Rises from the Sea

Based on Geoff Johns’?Aquaman?run in The New 52, DC’s?Throne of Atlantis?is a feature-length animated film that finds the Justice League facing off against threats from the deep that they have never seen before, only to be joined by the heir of the Earth and the Sea, Aquaman! Now, three years since it debuted, the film gets the Commemorative Edition treatment, complete with 4K Ultra HD!

In the story, Cyborg puts the JLA on the trail of a new aquatic threat. They also cross paths with Arthur Curry AKA Aquaman who has powers that might counter the Atlanteans led by Orm, threatening the surface world. It’s spellbinding action that looks spectacular in 4K!

The cast that voices this film have some higher-than-average credentials for an animated film. Aquaman is Matt Lanter of Timeless; Batman is?Jason O’Mara of?The Man From High Castle?and Agents of SHIELD;?Green Lantern is Nathan Fillion of?The Rookie?and?Castle;?Cyborg is Shemar Moore of?S.W.A.T.?There’s also Christopher Gorham, Rosario Dawson, Jerry O’Connell, and Sean Astin. Director Ethan Spaulding certainly has plenty of talent to play with, with?Justice League:War?screenwriter Heath Corson adapting the story.

For more insight into the story, “The New King” featurette lends its voice, along with commentary from Corson and others. Fans can also check out the “Villains of the Deep” and “Scoring Atlantis: The Sound of the Deep.” Additional parts of the commemorative package are the soundtrack, the 2014 Comic-Con panel from New York, and a sneak peek at the next films,?Reign of the Supermen?and?The Death of Superman. There are also four bonus old school cartoons:?Batman: The Brave and the Bold’s “Aquaman’s Outrageous Adventure!”,
Batman: The Brave and the Bold’s “Evil Under the Sea!”,
Aquaman’s “Menace of The Black Manta” and “The Rampaging Reptile-Men”, and Justice League Unlimited’s? “Far from Home”.


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