Elementary – The Sixth Season: That Time Sherlock Was Concussed

In the sixth season of CBS’ hit show about the famed British detective,?Elementary?takes the audience on a wild ride inside and outside of Sherlock Holmes’ (Jonny Lee Miller) brain. It’s a bumpy ride this season because Holmes is suffering from post-concussion symptoms, and his life with Watson (Lucy Liu) is complicated.

Over six discs and twenty-one episodes, the audience can follow Sherlock and Watson as they tackle Sherlock’s new relationship with another heroin addict, Michael (Desmond Harrington), who ends up being his main foil throughout the sixth season. While Holmes is tackling some really bad people, he’s still trying to figure out what he can do with his brain, which is having massive problems of its own.

One of the more interesting questions raised by the season is this: at what cost should we pursue our calling? Holmes certainly has a gift and some responsibility to use his gift to stop evil and keep others safe. But by using his brain while wrestling with the PCS, he puts himself in mortal danger. Is that appropriate or foolhardy? If God has given us gifts that benefit others, at what level of risk are we willing to lose them? It’s hard to navigate at times, but it’s impossible to ignore our calling.

Special features are forty-five minutes’ worth of additional info on the show, including “Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other,” as well as “Making Friends Can Be Murder” and “Elementary: Case in Point.” There are deleted scenes as well.?

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