Scorpion – The Complete Series: The Nerds are Here!

Scorpion, for its four-season run on CBS, showed what it would be like if the nerds and geeks of?The Big Bang Theory?put their minds to work to save the world from unique, dangerous situations… over and over and over again. While the show is based on the life of genius Walter O’Brien (played here by Elyes Gabel), the show has always been an ensemble performance of the team who fight together, love together, and defeat the forces of evil and disaster with physics, math, and ridiculous ingenuity. Now, fans can own the complete package of the entire show’s run with a special edition from CBS DVD and Paramount.

While the show has a special episodic feel, each adventure allowing us to see the group use its unique blend of genius to solve a problem where an individual, the world, or the team is on the brink, the heart is completely in the interpersonal relationships. Each time out, the audience is left to wonder: Will O’Brien and his ‘normal’ (non-genius) love, Paige (Katharine McPhee), finally get past the awkwardness and form a real relationship? Can Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) and Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong) make a baby? Will Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick) come to grips with his post-FBI career? Can Sylvester Dodd (Ari Stidham) overcome his childhood misconceptions about himself and embrace who he is (and even win an election)? Will Paige’s son, Ralph (Riley B. Smith), prove to be the next generation genius, who figure out relationships?and?keeps pushing the boundaries of intelligence?

This show is ridiculous, and funny, and exciting. It’s nearly family friendly while also allowing for a certain amount of grit that keeps the adults engaged. For a fair parable of what it means to be unloved and find love, to be without a family and find family, to wrestle with the big questions of the universe facing us all,?Scorpion?gamely tackles them and asks us how we’d handle the same situation.

Special features on the complete series package include the special features from each season: from the featurettes on the first season that look at building the team and what makes them unique, to a Scorpion comic book in Season Two’s collection, to “Dance with Me” in the fourth, the extras show us more heart and more genius. And, of course, all of the gag reel extras from each season are included, too!?

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