Stay the Night: Love int he Modern Age

Casual hookups and dating apps have become the new normal. However, Grace (Andrea Bang) has become an outcast due to her more traditional desire for her first time to be special and she remains a virgin at the age of 27. One hectic night, she meets professional hockey player Carter Stone and, when the two get friendly, Grace wonders if he is the solution to her problem. Following the events of one very long evening, they debate whether to stay the night with each other.

As Grace, Andrea Bang delivers an amazing performance and the film really does do an excellent job of highlighting Toronto in the background. (In fact, the film almost gives off Kim’s Convenience vibes as well).

As two lost souls, Grace and Carter parallel each other in their careers and personal lives. For example, Grace is turned down the promotion that she?s worked towards for the last 3 years, for the simple erasing that she’s not as ?friendly and outgoing? as management would like. (Incidentally, this is also a reflection of her dating life as she?s very reserved and carefully considers how much effort that it’s going to take her to interact with new people.) At the same time, Carter is suffering in both his career and personal life as well. Having been demoted from the major leagues to now the minors, Carter believes that the only way he can seem to get a hookup is due to the prestige of playing professionally–but now that is in jeopardy as well.?

After they meet, Grace and Carter believe that their connection is only going to be a one-night stand. However, over the course of the night, the films takes a very different turn. What begins as something akin to an edgy ‘Hallmark movie’ becomes a more serious conversation on the commentary of hookup culture of young millennials. From Grace’s perspective, she yearns for something more special and romantic. Meanwhile, Carter’s perspective takes a more modern view of sex and believes that it doesn?t have to be any spectacular thing. This, of course, leads to conversations regarding how these views have affected the rest of their lives, eventually leading to their views on their careers and passions. As a result, Stay the Night becomes a solid commentary on hookup culture by taking different perspectives on sexuality.

It’s definitely worth Stay-ing out to see.

Stay the Night is available in theatres on Friday, November 18th, 2022.

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