Sorry, Ricky Gervais: Humanity Still Needs a Cure

i genuinely dig
Ricky Gervais plenty,
and i’m thankful for
The Office,
like, for sure

i appreciate his
iconoclastic approach
to comedy;
i relate to his atheism,
tho i’m not an atheist myself,
as you’ll gather below

i noticed him make a move
in his recent Netflix comedy special,
Ricky Gervais: Humanity,
that i’d like to call into question,
because it raises a
significant issue
for someone like Gervais

(Ricky, i hope you’ll appreciate this;
you seem to appreciate
close thinking,
or at least attempts at it 🙂 )

last year around this time,
Netflix was
releasing a slew
of comedy specials;
at that time, i posted
“comedy needs Crashing”

in it, i noted:

…a certain??typical?
comedic perspective ?
generally hilarious,
of course,
but also
sardonic, cynical,
melancholic and
world-worn and weary,
endlessly observational
when it comes to
but seldom (apparently)
when it comes to
actually living with them
in the day-to-day
(other than offering
its own oddly biblical
and plenty true
prescription of
?just laugh through it?)

i submit that Gervais
affects this perspective
in Ricky Gervais: Humanity
*to the letter,*
almost as if he’d
read what i wrote

he even chooses to
end the special??
having already advertised,
his own atheism,
as he’s wont to do ?
with his own version
of the prescription:
“just laugh through it”

in other words,
how does Gervais
suggest we approach
(obv universally rough) life
in this Godless universe?

“just laugh through it”

*this* is the move i want to
call into question

first let me say again:
i agree with this suggestion;
it can be, in fact,
found in the Bible
(Proverbs 17:22, e.g.)
and other religious traditions

but here’s the thing:
in the Bible,
such a prescription is
clearly but a palliative??
something to help you through,
but not something
that ultimately?cures
any ultimate issue

in the Bible,
there?is?an ultimate issue,
and more importantly,
there is?an ultimate cure

and so this is the part where Gervais??
where any atheist??
encounters a problem;
here’s the rub:
either there isn’t?really
an ultimate issue to cure,
or there is an ultimate issue,
but no ultimate cure

either the way things are
in this Godless universe
seem wrong??
like something that
could be,
should be “fixed”??
but they’re really not
(because “wrongness”
isn’t really a thing);
or they?really are wrong
(whatever that could
even mean sans God),
but there’s nothing
and no one “ultimate” enough
(no God)
to ultimately do
anything about it

to me, tbh,
neither of these
really seems okay

to me, tbh,
neither of these
really seems to
match up with
our experiences, our intuitions,
our wisdom about the world

and so,
to me, tbh,
a palliative like
“laugh through it”??
nice and true
and helpful as it may be??
is just not enough
once we’ve dismissed
the possibility that
something is?really wrong
something can
really be done about it

in other words,
it’s just not enough,
once we’ve dismissed God


calling into question complete…
where one goes from here, of course,
is up to that one

thanks for the laughs, Ricky??
humanity is certainly a
fertile topic for it

here’s to hoping for
options kept open 🙂



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