Roe Is Overturned… Now What?

Abortion is no longer a constitutional right, as Roe vs. Wade is overturned in a historic supreme court decision. But now what? Especially for Christians, what should we be doing? How should we be reacting? (And not reacting?) In this episode of the Your Sunday Drive podcast, we dig into the decision, the politics, the…

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Faith & College

How are things going on college campuses these days? What issues do college aged people face? What do they value? Is Christianity still a viable option for Zoomers? As our country becomes more post-Christian and pluralistic, what does the gospel even look like in a campus setting? In this episode of the Your Sunday Drive…

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A New Civil War? Squid Game

The country has never seemed more divided. New data suggests that many Americans think it’s “time to split the country.” Are we in for a new Civil War? In this new episode of the Your Sunday Drive podcast, we use an article by David French, a quote from Andrew Yang, the recent controversy surrounding Facebook,…

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This Episode Has No Agenda

This is an experimental episode of the Your Sunday Drive podcast, recorded with literally no set topic, no notes, no agenda. We can’t (won’t) even pitch what we actually ended up talking about (because we do, of course, now know what that was), even though it for sure turned out to be very, very interesting….

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