Nesting: Building a Healthy Home

In order to build a nest, you need the right sorts of building materials.

Created by Anna Hardwick and Rosa Laborde, Nesting follows two fictional versions of themselves as they venture out in to the world looking for the rom-com life. Yet, at this point in their lives, those dreams haven’t yet become reality. With no house, partner or baby, the two rejoice in the fact that they have each other and set out together to find a father to their future children. When they begin to feel like all hope is lost, a visit to the dentist takes an unexpected turn, leading to believe they’ve found an answer. But will the two best friends be able to fulfill their passion for parenthood? Or will this result in yet another failed attempt at moving forward?

Featuring solid writing that’s genuinely funny, Nesting’s greatest asset is its lead performers. Quite frankly, these two roles could not have been more perfectly cast than the sheer joy of handing the reins to the show’s creators.  Playing a fictional version of Rosa and Anna, the couple truly sparkle when given the opportunity to shine. Whether it’s getting ‘yoni steaming’ or offering an impromptu card to their dentist, these characters are lively, colorful and, most importantly, memorable as they bound from misadventure to misadventure on their quest for parenthood. 

In this way, the series leaves its mark with humor, heart and an infectious joy within its spirit that is undeniable. First from the stories of its creators, one cannot help, but feel the honesty underneath the goofiness. Created from the minds of Laborde and Hardwick, Nesting feels like a personal journey in as much as it lives within its hilarious tensions. Rosa and Anna‘s relationship extends far beyond romantic entanglements as the deep love and care that they offer one another is one of incredible support. 

“I love you more than I judge you,” Rosa reminds. 

In this way, perhaps what’s most interesting about Nesting is simply how honest it feels. Yes, the situations are heightened and the comedy elaborate at times, but there seems to be a genuine inquiry into the soul of modern parenting as Rosa and Anna tap into their maternal instincts. In this world, ‘normal’ isn’t a situation. It’s a life decision. There’s a recognition that no relationship is perfect yet, when grace lies within, it provides an opportunity for new beginnings and safer spaces together..

In any and all circumstances here, love truly wins. And it’s beautiful.

Within their relationship lies a passion to create a loving environment for their unborn children. Within this series, we see that the old adage that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ is taken at its most serious. Nesting is a show that values the nature of partnership above all else and recognizes the delight of couples who work together to create a healthy environment of love and care. These two unlikely co-parents trust one another, flaws and all. For Rosa and Anna, it’s these sorts of emotional pieces that make a home worth building.

And, personally, I can’t wait to see what their ‘tiny home’ looks like in future seasons.

Nesting is available on Crave now.

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