Toronto: Still Time to Help Others!

Hey Toronto! Christmas may be moving by, but there’s still time for you to give gifts that help others.

We, at ScreenFish, normally focus on the world of pop culture but, this year, we wanted to point you towards an amazing opportunity that can help others, if you’re able!

Running now until Monday, Jan 1st, 2024, the #LightTheWorld Giving Machines will be in Toronto at the Fairview Mall. The #LightTheWorld campaign begins with a vending machine and ends in the hands of families in need. Instead of buying pop or chocolate, people can purchase food or supplies for the homeless or even sports equipment for local underprivileged children.

While they’ve been available around the US for a while (they even have been promoted by Drew Barrymore, Travis Kelce and Paul Rudd), this is the first time that they’ve arrived in Toronto.

Note: 100% of the profits go towards the charity of your choice. This isn’t a cash grab–it’s a tangible way to help underprivileged families and children.

The focus of the Toronto Giving Machine is on meeting the needs of Children, Youth and Refugees, and addressing Homelessness. The following local and national charities will be benefited with items in the machine:

This year, Giving Machines will be in over 50 cities around the world from Canada, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand, the Philippines, Mexico and Guatemala – up from 28 cities in 2022. Since 2017, Giving Machines around the world have raised more than US$22 million for local and global charities.

As an editor here at ScreenFish, I want to make clear that, in no way is this meant to pressure anyone to participate. However, if you’re still in the giving spirit, it’s also an opportunity to help others.

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