Mission Impossible – Fallout: One Non-Stop Thrill Ride

The most impossible mission is not this new threat that faces Ethan Hunt and his team, it is the mission of the director’s, making a sixth installment that is as good or better than the previous five. And just like Ethan Hunt does in every mission impossible film, they succeed. This film fits perfectly in line with the previous movies answering questions about where Ethan Hunt?s wife has been along with what happens to Ilsa Faust, Solomon Lane, and the leftover Syndicate members now known as the Apostles.

The movie begins with Ethan, Benji, and Luther hunting down three plutonium orbs capable of devastating a third of the world?s population. After a failed transaction to obtain the orbs, Ethan must choose between his team and the plutonium. His decision ultimately results in the loss of the plutonium and the main plot begins: recovering the orbs before they are used against the population. As a precaution, Agent Walker from the CIA is tasked with assisting and monitoring the recovery of the plutonium.

The film, no matter how intense the action or deep the plot, focuses on relationships. From their first conversation, Ethan and Walker are on bad terms since Walker prefers a guns-blazing approach and Ethan always goes with his gut. Throughout the film we see how this causes many problems during their mission and between Ethan and his team. When Isla is reintroduced, the audience can see the tension without any words being passed between them. This only intensifies as the movies continues. Ethan, Benji, and Luther have grown into a close-knit team that does not hesitate to stand back to back in a firefight. When Solomon Lane and Ethan?s wife are eventually pulled into the chaos, Ethan begins to feel the heat that he might finally have met his match.

The film is full of plot twists that even a Mission Impossible fan might not see coming, coupled with great acting, over-the-top stunts and a nail-biting heist. The film provides a non-stop ride that doesn?t end until the credits roll.

The only complaint I have is the lack of closure between Ilsa and Ethan; for once in an action movie I would have liked to have seen a little more interaction and chemistry between the two. However, one of my favorite parts of the film was how Benji has developed from desk jockey who dabbles in field work to an official agent capable of pulling his weight on a team of superstars.

During one conversation between Ethan and Director Hunley, Hunley brings up the fact that Ethan is willing to sacrifice everything, even his life, to save his team or innocent people. Hunley reassures him that despite what everyone keeps saying, this sacrificial characteristic is his greatest strength, not his deepest flaw. I could only think to tie this to the same sacrificial love Christ showed and continues to show by giving his life for us and staying with us through every mistake and problem whether they are by our own design or not.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and would rate it an easy 4/5.

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