Miracles From Heaven Blu-ray Giveaway


What does a miracle look like? In the case of Christy Beam, it was all about what her daughter experienced … inside the trunk of the tree out back!

Share your favorite story of a time when God showed up in your life or someone else’s below to enter for a chance to win!

2 thoughts on “Miracles From Heaven Blu-ray Giveaway

  1. My dad was diagnosed with cancer seven years ago and we had been praying for his salvation. My wife and I were living in Oregon and my mother had called me on a Friday and told me that my father wouldn’t live through the weekend. We tried at first to drive, but snow prevented us from getting to Colorado on time to see him. He passed away the next morning but not before a priest witnessed to him and led him to Christ. What a miracle and praise! We flew out the following week for his funeral praising God!

  2. Back in 1981, my aunt was diagnosed with having late stage intestinal cancer, and even after having surgery to remove the cancer, they could not remove 100% of it. The doctors had given my aunt 5 to 6 months to live. My dad, my grand parents and myself, we all prayed to God fervently that she would receive a healing. Then one evening as my dad was praying, he said that he heard the Lord say to him, ‘Fear not my son, for your sister is healed’! He shared the news with the rest of the family, and everyone was hopeful. But when my aunt went back for follow-up CT-Scans with the doctors to check on her condition, the doctors, and staff were all amazed that there was no cancer whatsoever! Praise the Lord! She was healed! She received a miracle! And the cancer had never returned!

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