Last Moment of Clarity: Running from the Past

Directed by Colin and James Krisel,?Last Moment of Clarity?is a thriller mystery film about Sam (Zach Avery), a man who has abandoned his identity in order to run away from the mob that?s after him. Scared and alone, Sam is plagued by the memory of his now deceased girlfriend Georgia (Samara Weaving), who was killed in cold blood by the same European mobsters. A few years later, Sam sees an actress that he is convinced is Georgia. Determined to track her down, Sam travels from Paris to L.A see if it really is Georgia and find some answers, all while trying to avoid death from the mob.

Last Moment of Clarity?contains the underlying theme of running from our past mistakes. Though both have taken different paths since the night of their attack, Sam and Georgia have decided to run away from their problems. Instead of returning back home to L.A, both Georgia and Sam disactivate all their social media and identity, staying low and under new personas in Paris in order to avoid the Mob. As they constantly live in fear that their past mistakes will come to confront them, they try to avoid death in the present. It?s not until they come together that they are finally able to overcome their past and move on in the present. In other words, as they reconnect, the two are able to move on with their lives, no longer living in fear and regret of the night of their attack.?

In the end,?Clarity?is a fun film that intrigued me through its mysterious premise. Is the woman that Sam sees really his lost love, Georgia? If it is, why didn?t she contact him? Has she lost her memory? Why does the mob want to kill Sam, who appears to be a nobody? As the story unravels, it creates a web-like cat and mouse game between Sam and the mobsters that keeps you guessing as who will eventually get the drop on their enemy first. With this in mind, I recommend?Last Moment of Clarity?which builds an intriguing mystery that keep the viewer?

Last Moment of Clarity is available on PVOD now.

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