Everything Everything: To Love & Protect

Maddy (Amandla Stenberg) can’t go outside. It’s not some kind of violent, Leatherface/Misery?mashup. Her mother just won’t let her, because her mother says her extreme immuno-deficiency disease prevents her from exploring the outside world without fear. When Olly Bright (Nick Robinson) moves in next door, a slow-burning relationship begins to build and Maddy’s safety within her mother’s walls begins to fade away.

While there have been more and more films about teenagers in star-crossed circumstances, like?The Fault in Our Stars?and Before I Fall,?Everything, Everything?will give you something different to consider. Yes, it’s about two teenagers who fall in love against the wishes of their elder (or at least an elder). But the finale is not what you’re expecting, and it’s own redirection makes for a more powerful ending.

Everything Everything?might ultimately be more about parenting than about lovebirds, it might be more about how we protect and what we control than about who we love. In the end, the film wasn’t what I expected – and that made it better.

Special features include deleted scenes and the featurette “Trapped in Love.”

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