Cosmic Sin: It’s Not Armageddon

In Cosmic Sin, Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo know that bad news is headed toward humanity so they head to space to save the world. It’s not Armageddon; it’s more like if Battlestar Galactica, Pacific Rim, and a zombie movie of your choice got mixed up in a bowl and then spilled over together.

Written and directed by Edward Drake, the film finds humanity under threat from an external alien race. While there are rules of engagement and expected protocols, General Ryle (Grillo) can’t face the race that has already attacked the more peripheral bases of the human race, so he hauls General James Ford (Willis) out of retirement to help him out. They’ll have to put aside the grudge they have over a bomb that Ford dropped, believing it necessary to save the human race.

Together, the two of them join up with a few other soldiers, and go to fight it out with some humanoids, bloodthirsty and dangerous. But the aliens prove to be even more devious because as they attack, they take over the humans they’ve conquered, setting the heroes up for battles with their possessed loved ones.

This one is pretty straightforward, but there is some pseudo-political commentary about the difference between the soldiers who make decisions in a moment and the politicians who prance for the camera and hide when things don’t go smoothly. Is it appropriate for some situations? Absolutely. But the overall mode here is a B-level actioner with punching, kicking, and lots of laser-fired shots.

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