Batkid Begins – Embrace Your Inner Superhero


You might be convinced that evil is winning when you look around the world today. You might find yourself thinking that there’s nothing good or redeemable to be found on the news or the internet. You might have finally given up hope that there is anything people can do to stem the tide of depression, anxiety, and violence.

And then there’s the story of Miles Scott AKA “Batkid.”

Every kid wants to be a superhero, long before ideas of what is good and bad become gray. For one recipient of a Make A Wish request, the opportunity to dress up went to a whole different level.

While Scott was diagnosed with cancer (and is a survivor!) his Make-A-Wish resulted in a renovation of San Francisco into Gotham, the home of Batman. Scott received a uniform to go with his pint-sized hero psyche, a man dressed up as Batman to shadow him around, a Lamborghini Batmobile to ride in, a damsel to rescue, and a villain to stop.

Watching?Batkid Begins, it’s amazing to see the lengths that Make-A-Wish went to for Scott, and the way that people gave up their time, money, and resources to support Scott and this epic effort. Full of funny moments and firsthand witness accounts, the documentary by Dana Nachman is a win for storytelling and the human spirit.

It’ll probably make you want to run around and act heroic. Though, better yet, it might just make you want to be the person God knows that you can be.

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