6.01 The Outer Reaches of the Inner Soul in AD ASTRA

In the Season Premiere (and our 99th episode!) of SF Radio, we venture into the deepest regions of the solar system to talk about AD ASTRA. Starring Brad Pitt, AD ASTRA takes place in the near future and tells the story of Roy McBride, an astronaut who remains fearless when faced with the most impossible of situations, yet terrified to deal with his own issues. When the military enlists Roy to travel to Neptune to discover the source behind dangerous electrical pulses that threaten the universe, he is up for the task. However, when he also discovers that his father?who abandoned their family when he was very young?may be involved, Roy is forced to grapple with his own feelings of anger and hurt in the process. This week on the show, ScreenFish veterans Matthew Cimone and podcaster David Peck join us to talk about dealing with letting go of our anger, losing (and maybe reclaiming wonder) and the power of relationships.?

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