WandaVision Episode 4: Oh Hey There, Marvel

Ok. Doing this spoiler-free isn?t the easiest thing, but it?s what I?m going for. So, wish me luck.

Marvel showed up with Friday?s 4th episode of WandaVision. And when I mean showed up, I mean THIS felt like the Marvel I?ve been tracking with since Iron Man was released in 2008. Don?t get me wrong, I especially enjoyed the the look and feel of the first two episodes (as did my typically uninterested husband), but to see old faces, new faces, more easter eggs and throwbacks to previous installments than I could count, and an uncensored interaction with Wanda herself got me all hyped up for where this can take us next. ESPECIALLY in the next phase of the MCU.?

Up until this point we?ve seen glimpses of ?the outside? of Westview, but the central focus has been on Wanda herself and the world in which she clearly has some control. Episode one introduced us to Westview and Wanda?s seemingly sitcom perfect life with Vision, both of them working to blend in and create a home. Episode two pulled back the veil just a bit, while also sending us spiraling into a chaos of theories regarding just how aware people are (and aren?t) that something is off. Episode three (and fresh in technicolor) was the oddest episode for me, and gave me more questions than answers. But it was a great lead in for ?We Interrupt This Program,? and the Internet (and my brain) is abuzz having seen just how intricately the masterminds behind the MCU have connected this show to the larger universe?or should we say multiverse?

Something I have always enjoyed about Marvel is how, even without the background knowledge of the comics, I do feel like there is always an open spot for someone new. Maybe not in the deep dives of theories or historical timelines, but in the creativity and sensation of ?hey, I feel like a part of this.? Marvel has always seemed to have a little something for everyone, and WandaVision, while incredibly different, is no exception. Even I have developed some of my own theories that I?m excited about and can?t wait to see play out. And that husband who has had zero investment in anything Marvel for the past 13 or so years is now waiting for Friday nights.

Which is what good TV does. And WandaVision is doing just that. With the Marvel flare, of course.

WandaVision is currently on Disney+.

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