TV Screened: Blindspot (1.3)- Trust Requires Truth


One of my favorite premieres this year was followed up by a dud that was only beaten out for the bottom spot by the?Rosewood?premiere. Thankfully, Jamie Alexander’s team-up with Sullivan Stapleton was back to its impressive self in the third episode, as Taylor Shaw/Doe and Kurt Weller found themselves butting heads and chasing bank robbers. While the bank robbers seem to have some idea about who Shaw is, the cops-n-robbers bit isn’t even the most interesting part of this week’s storyline.

The two are forced to work together but they clearly don’t trust each other. Shaw wants a gun, and to be read-in on what the FBI know about her situation; Weller knows that Shaw isn’t telling everything that she remembers about the man they find in her apartment. But what does it mean for the two of them to work together and trust each other?

They’re going to have to start telling the truth.

Unfortunately, the two protagonists aren’t necessarily as read-in, in-the-know, aware of everything the way that they think they are. Jesus said that the truth would set you free in John 8:32, but what if you don’t know the whole truth? What if there are people (the deputy director?) who know things that they’re not letting you in on?

That’s where the box we thought we needed to open ended up sprawling wide open with… another box inside.

While I’m a big “story” guy, I’ll admit that the other reason that this episode returned to excellence was that it knocked hand-to-hand combat out of the park for both Shaw and Weller. Instead of flying around with drones, the two of them mix it up with the band of bank robbers in a hospital, fists flying and guns blazing.

This is near-comic book levels of excitement, with an ever-widening mythos. And I dig it.

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