Toy Story That Time Forgot – Do You Know Who You Are?


Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the?Toy Story?crew are back at it in this 2014 Christmas special from Disney/Pixar. When the child Bonnie takes some of her favorite toys to a playdate with her friend, Mason, they are accidentally held hostage within a dinosaur world run by the megalomaniac The Cleric. While all of Bonnie’s toys know that their primary purpose is to entertain and bring joy to children, the?Battlesaurs don’t actually know that they’re toys.

While this mini-story is short and sweet, it does make clear that knowing who we are is serious stuff! While Buzz once reminded Woody that he was owned by Andy, Trixie sets Reptilus Maximus straight about his identity?and purpose. From a Christian perspective, this is the ultimate battle: we fail to see that we are created in God’s image because sin clouds our understanding. Thanks to the grace and love of Jesus Christ, we are able to see who we really are, to have hope and a purpose that can only be found in him.

Along with the spectacularly funny (and poignant) short film are the animated opening of the?Battlesaurs?television show and a look at the dinosaurs’ world. There’s a karaoke singalong of “My Unexpected Friend” and the appearance of the?Toy Story?crew at Comic-Con. Fans of these films will want to add this to their animated collection!

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