The Shannara Chronicles: Protect the Tree

shannaraRebellious young elf Amberle Elessedil (Poppy Drayton) finds herself fighting to protect the Ellcrys tree just days after she becomes the first female to qualify as one of the Chosen. With the whole world in the balance, thanks to the invasion of demons from The Forbidding, Amberle must join with the half-human/half-elf Will Ohmsford (Austin Butler) and the human druid Allanon (Manu Bennett) to save the world.


Taken from Terry Brooks’ epic story?The Elfstones of Shannara, the fantastic story takes place not in some distant past or faraway galaxy but in an undiscovered future where magic reigns. While the story begins in the middle – a result of Brooks’ writing the story in different timelines with prequels and sequels along the way – we find ourselves drawn into the colorful world that MTV created, with beautiful stories of friendship and adventure.


While not everyone believes in their history or their own story, the show gradually unravels how the magic exists whether it’s believed in or not. While some belief and some do not, there are those on both sides of good and evil who must choose to use their magic – some want to take from those who don’t believe, and others want to protect them. It’s a parable for the way the world works today – will you be someone who protects faith and shares it with others, or will you be someone who chooses to see the world selfishly, one way or another?

No matter what you choose, you choose by your actions or inaction. Just like each soul within the world of Shannara.

Special features include an?interview with Brooks himself, as well as an exploration of the New Zealand countryside where the show was filmed and a look at the making of Dagda Mor, the antagonist of Season One.?

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