The Avengers: Marvel’s Cinematic Formula

avengers2At this point, there is no reason to recap a film that most have already seen at least several times. So with the sequel upon us, let us look back as to why the film was so great. I feel in order for a summer blockbuster to really take off and break records like The Avengers did, it has to have certain elements that make fans want to go to the theatre more than just once. So what was Marvel?s secret?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Formula

Before the first Iron Man film, comic book movies stayed in their respective places. They didn?t venture off with other franchises. With Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four and some others in the hands of other studios, Marvel had little to play with. The decision to form their own studio was bold and brave. They didn?t have that big draw superhero that the common public was very familiar with.

The second bold decision was to not just pick a hero and make a movie, but to make a universe in the film industry that models comics. They had a vision to create a cinematic world where Iron Man interacts with Captain America and Thor. When the first Iron Man film came on, and they put in the after-credit scene with Nick Fury and the Avengers Initiative, fans went crazy with anticipation. And the Marvel Cinematic Universe was born.

Each film after that just led to the next film, with teasers that left you wanting more and craving to see all these heroes on screen together. The Marvel films were good, but they weren?t box office behemoths. Still, they managed to create a giant franchise that branches off to individual franchises who all can stand alone by themselves, yet together create a giant world that we love.

lokiA Compelling Villain

A few years ago, Tom Hiddleston arrived at Comic-Con in San Diego fully clothed in his Loki outfit. The amount of cheers and ovation for him and his character were amazing. Somehow, Marvel and Hiddleston have managed to create a villain that many can say has become a modern Darth Vader. It?s a villain that we know is bad, yet we root for because he?s so compelling. And although Loki is bad, there is a sense of compassion for him and his history. In Thor we saw how mischievous he is, fully resembling the ?god of mischief? label. Yet, he?s a perfect representation of how the devil works.

In a way it makes him the perfect villain because he?s not this evil ugly monster but instead he?s an attractive and desirable bad guy. Our nature is drawn to it because we don?t see it so much of a threat until it is too late. The reality is that a villain drew us back into Avengers was perfectly done. And to top it off, we know he wasn?t the main villain in the Marvel universe connecting this point to the one above.

A Strong Reason To Bring Them All Together

Now Loki is a great villain, but not one that requires the Avengers to be formed. That’s why?Marvel showed its future goal to bring us to an outer world and expand their universe. With the introduction of the cosmic cube (tessaract) in Captain America: The First Avenger and the beautifully done Asgard in Thor, the Marvel universe is set to expand?beyond that.

So what does all this mean?

When we look at this in the ?lens of faith,” there is much to take out. But in all of Marvel’s tangled webs, there is one great, evil, hidden and scheming. And although Loki operates like the devil, he?s merely an agent of the devil.

There is a much greater and more powerful enemy that stays hidden, waiting like a roaring lion to attack. A new world is presented here where someone like Tony Stark finds everything he thought flipped upside down. I imagine the wormhole opening to show a world where something?like spiritual warfare actually does exist. It?s like a wave of Chitauri (demons) out to destroy and conquer mankind, while standing between them and the world?are The Avengers (Angels).

When we look at it through ?faith? lens, we can definitely see the comparison and use it as an opportunity to brush up on our faith. We need to remember that the enemy is like a roaring lion roaming and looking for whom to devour and that we ought to guard ourselves with the full armor of God.

With the release of?Avengers: Age of?Ultron, these same elements will be seen played out differently. Once again, Marvel will have a record-breaking summer, and I can?t complain about that.

As far as I?m concerned, anything coming out of Marvel Studios is a great catch.

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  1. I can appreciate the perspective, breath of fresh air… now I would like to see how they handle old age and character replacement, the clock is ticking!

    1. Looking at their slate of films, character replacement is on its way. Question is, will the general audience accept Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man and others instead of the heroes that they have loved in these films? If anyone has proven that they can pull it off (Guardians of the Galaxy), Marvel Studios can.

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