teenFish#4 – The BIRDBOX Challenge

Have you ever really wanted to know what goes on in the mind of today’s teens? Not just ‘what are they?thinking?’ but how they feel about life’s issues? About truth? About where God is in the world today? At long last,?ScreenFish is proud to announce teenFish, a?new podcast series that lets teenagers speak about media that matters to them in their own voice. Hosted by Daniel Collins (Infinity Warm-Up), teenFish will be air the first Sunday of every month and invite local youth to engage the truth and lies of the shows and films that excite them.

Netflix created a stir with the release of BIRDBOX, it’s cultural phenomenon starring Sandra Bullock. Telling the story of a world threatened by a beast that causes your death as soon as you see it, the film proves that there’s more to it than thrills and kills. This month, teenFish returns as Daniel and Jacob dive into the film’s conversations about suicide and the sins that lie beneath.

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