Secrets of the Forest: Unraveling Nature’s Mysteries

The Secret is out.

Hosted by 10-year-old Taviss Edwards, Secrets of the Forest takes the viewer into the National Parks of Nova Scotia, British Colombia and Northern Ontario. Teaming up with scientists ecologists, Edwards explores the diverse eco-systems of Canada and hopes to unravel their deepest mysteries. Going coast-to-coast, the plucky youth takes on the elements by learning about the Boreal forest, tiny lichen and Indigenous plant medicine.

Produced by TVO, Secrets of the Forest is an energetic look at the quiet majesty of the forest realm. This is a series that speak to the interconnectedness that exists between elements yet keeps all the details age appropriate along the way. Although the series has lofty, educational heights, it manages to present its information in a way that doesn’t alienate its target audience. Featuring adorable animation and brief episode runtime, Forest understands the needs of today’s youth and works hard to meet their needs with excitement and educational messages.

But the biggest (or smallest?) secret of this Forest is its host. In Edwards, the series has a strong voice that carries herself with a surprising amount of confidence, considering her age. There’s an inquisitive spirit within her that carries the series that’s mixed with an infectious joy. Told through her perspective, one actually believes her interest in the secrets that she uncovers and it’s that enthusiasm that makes the series work well.

And there are many secrets to explore.

By delving into forest culture, the series speaks to the many aspects of the natural world that often go unknown by the casual explorer. TVO has often done an excellent job with their nature studies. (Their recent The Water Brothers is another great example.) And, with Forest, they make the most of their brief runtime, tapping into the wonder of the world around them. From foraging for food to the wonders of fire, Secrets of the Forest understands the vast depth of its ecosystem. 

More than this though, Secrets of the Forest does an excellent job of celebrating the role of the Indigenous people of Canada in forest care. Opening each episode with a land acknowledgement, the series consistently recognizes Indigenous stories in the midst of their scientific exploration. In doing so, they add an entirely different level of beauty to the series by drawing a line between the technical aspects of nature with the personal (and even spiritual) connections that it has for the Indigenous populations. 

It’s this sort of extra care that sets Secrets of the Forest apart from other shows of this nature. Fun and informative, this series has the potential to help educate the next generation about the benefits and beauty of our natural world by speaking their language to peak their interest. With Edwards taking the lead, this is a Secret worth telling your kids about.

Secrets of the Forest is airs on TVOkids at 6:10pm on Monday, April 22nd, 2024 and is available online across Canada on, YouTube and smart TV services like Roku and Apple TV. Further new episodes will be available each Monday at 5:50pm ET..

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