Stars Fell Again: Torn between Glamour and Love

In this sequel to?Stars Fell in Alabama, Agent Bryce Dixon plans to propose to his girlfriend, Madison Belle, over the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, that plan is delayed when Madison?s sister, Harper, reveals that she has been engaged for a few days and will be getting married that very weekend. Harper has a guy best friend, Josh, who ?has always been there? and a big shot fianc? from London who barely makes the wedding ceremony, so I think we know how that turns out.

Surprisingly, Stars Fell focuses a lot on Harper, which I thought was a little weird until I realized that this was the second movie in a franchise. I haven?t seen the first one and think that maybe, if I had, the film would have been a bit more charming for me because I would be returning to characters that I was familiar with.

One thing that I will say about Harper?s story is that it?s the ?glamorous? versus ?reliable? we see in [some] rom-coms. Will she pick the successful, handsome, guy or the one who?s actually her friend, but might not have as much money? It?s an easy answer for us watching, especially if you?re familiar with rom-coms, but not always as easy when the question is posed to us in real life. In a lot of cases, building something that will be reliable for a while takes work and time–for Harper, basically her whole life–which is not easy to do, especially when you don?t have a lot of resources.

This isn?t to say that everything glamorous isn?t reliable. In fact, one of its allures is that it seems to provide stability, at least financially. I do think that, if we?re ever faced with a choice between glam vs reliable, it would be about asking which choice will provide us joy and peace in the long term.

Stars Fell Again is now available on VOD.

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