Star Wars The Last Jedi: Latest Snoke Rumor and Where Disney May be Heading

With the next Star Wars film nearly two months away now, and a new trailer set to come out tonight, the rumor mill is picking up steam again. The latest is one that claims to have good sources and possibly more legit than just theories (of course, we take this with a grain of salt). So be warned, if you don’t want to be spoiled, leave now. Otherwise, below the adorable Porg, we shall resume with the spoiling…

Still here? Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

The latest rumor/theory comes from the YouTube channel?Star Wars Theory. I will be honest, a lot of this is very far-fetched (in terms of I don’t think Disney/Lucasfilm will go that route), but I will focus on what I believe makes the most sense. My belief has always been that Snoke is ancient Sith, someone we may have not heard of but links old legends to new canon. Having Snoke serve as the bridge for Disney would bring the Old Republic together with the new canon. The theory is that Snoke was entombed or imprisoned a long time ago and has made his return. There is quite a few other things, that as I said, feel far-fetched so I’ll just focus on Snoke and the Old Republic.

Disney loves to plan ahead, so for them to already be thinking beyond Episode 9 and their anthologies. With the success of Rogue One, many fans want more new fresh stories with new characters never seen on film. Although the Old Republic will see old characters brought into canon, many aren’t well known unless you truly followed the series. Having Snoke bridge that gap and starting a new series that focuses on the Old Republic makes for the perfect break between Episode 9 and the eventual Episode 10. The question still surrounding this is if Snoke is ancient Sith, then how did Palpatine not know about him? In the canon Aftermath book Empires End, we know that Palpatine made some sort of contact with Snoke without actually knowing who he is. So is Snoke really ancient Sith, or is far worst than that? If he was imprisoned, at what point did he escape and how long has he been observing the galaxy from where he was. And if he feeds on the Force and Force-wielders, wouldn’t Order 66 have made that difficult for him to have the strength to turn Ben?

So as I said…the theory has holes but the most important part I think is we should take merit that Disney plans to do something with the Old Republic and that Snoke is that bridge. What say you? Do you want Disney and Lucasfilm to delve into the Old Republic? Do you prefer Snoke to be that bridge? Do you think Snoke is something or someone different? Let us know.

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