Seal Team: Bringing Your Work Home

It didn’t take long for David Boreanaz to land a new role after?Bones?(and before it, the?Buffy/Angel series) ran out of steam. That’s good news for his new CBS show,?Seal Team, given that the previous outings ran for more than seven years each. Here, he’s leader of Bravo Team, a subcategory of?United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group or Seal Team Six, overseeing missions to capture, kill, or protect American assets around the world. But in?Seal Team, we also see how the work these men and women do also follows them home.

While Hayes is the clear leader and focal point of the show, with his twenty years of Navy experience and extreme decoration, the audience sees a clear view of Hayes’ pain and spiritual wounds. He is struggling with the loss of a teammate when the story begins, and he struggles with PTSD and hallucinations throughout the first season. There is a fair amount of gung-ho violence but there are also questions raised about the justice of the situations and the treatment of those who become our enemies.

Max Thieriot, Jessica Pare, Neil Brown Jr., A.J. Buckley, and Toni Trucks round out the key actors for the first season, as the characters go on episodic missions but are also tied together in a web of their pain, and the mysteries surrounding their missions. Not everyone is who they say they are – in terms of their loyalty and their motivations – and?Seal Team?doesn’t shy away from that.

Special features shine a light on Dita the Hair Missile who plays the team’s canine member, Cerberus, the set, and the locations where the show is shot, plus an overview of the series, deleted scenes, and a gag reel.?

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