Radical Dreamer: Documentary Filmography

Radical Dreamer: Werner Herzog puts a spotlight on one the most unique and eclectic filmmakers to put his vision forward into the world. Coming in at a time when the artistic output was still recovering from the Nazi regime, Herzog stood out as a radical visionary from a new wave of German filmmakers. He continued to display his attempts to find new images, as part of his attempt to revolutionize what cinema can offer the world. His impassioned perspective captured the imagination and hearts of audiences and industry collaborators that range from the most famous of actors to the most influential of filmmakers.

His mark stands among them.

Radical Dreamer recalls Herzog influence by going through the story of his films because each was its own journey and had a new meaning for Herzog and his life. The presentation of the film itself is unlike Herzog’s philosophy as it has a very standard presentation. The editing is normal, using logical cuts and paces the film at a digestible speed, never challenging the audience with the quickness of its editing or the slow burn that he gives to their audience.

The interviews are very expected for a documentary but the strength of the film is in its subject. Making a film about Werner Herzog gives the man the ability to add his own spin on it by the way he presents himself. This unique way of seeing the world has always been clear in his own films through extensive behind the scenes footage or using his own voice in his work.

The strength of the film is in its archive footage as the filmmakers take a deep dive into behind the scenes footage on Herzog’s most ambitious films. At the very center of course comes the story of Fitzcarraldo, where the story of a man having to get his ship over a mountain actually happens on set. In doing so, the film chronicles how the production actually gets the ship over the mountain in the film, which causes as much trouble as you’d expect. This serves as a compelling part of the film but the behind the scenes footage which has been seen before fails to make this documentary in particular special. It’s a good film that you should check out if you have any interest in independent Avant Garde artists but it fails to be nearly as special as the man it features.

Radical Dreamer: Werner Herzog is in theatres now.

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