Mechanic Resurrection – Bringing Jason Statham Back From the Dead


Mechanic Resurrection?isn’t a great film but it doesn’t have to be. As Arthur Bishop, Jason Statham returns to his tough guy, rogue persona after deviating into the villain role in the?Fast & Furious?franchise and as the comedic foil of Melissa McCarthy in?Spy. He’s back in the sequel to the 2011 film which was in itself a remake of Charles Bronson’s?Mechanic – and it may be the best Statham we’ve seen in awhile.

While attempting to avoid a nefarious gunrunner out to unearth him, Bishop retires to Mae’s (Michelle Yeoh) island paradise. But he’s soon thrust into the world of a mysterious woman (Jessica Alba) who is part of a plot to bring him back into the assassin business – as he sets out to complete three Herculean tasks.

Mechanic Resurrection?is a C+ kind of film, but the loosely connected stunts are solid in their own way. One plot piece involves a glassed-in swimming pool hanging over the side of a skyscraper – it has stellar visuals. There are several more set pieces that make for entertaining moments, but the whole setup is primarily to get Statham out there being Statham.

Special features include “Engineering the Sequel,” a feature on scoring the film, an extra look at the Malaysian prison (the second assassination), a close up with Yeoh, and Statham himself on his outrageous stunts.

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