Kill Switch – When Responsibility Meets Resistance

Physicist Will Porter (Dan Stevens,?Downton Abbey, The Guest, Beauty and the Beast) helps create the technology that harnesses unlimited power. When he recognizes that the technology is causing huge problems, he’s sent to investigate The Echo, an alternative planet that mirrors his own. This other Earth is also struggling with its power surges from its matching tower and only Porter has the ability to determine what happens next.

While the film has its basis in science fiction, it has several questions to raise about what it means to be stewards of resources, technology, and life itself. It’s also a functional exploration of “the greater good,” as in, what has to be sacrificed for the majority of the people to be happy, safe, and live better lives.

Special features on this Lionsgate Blu-ray/Digital HD combo include a look at how director Timsmit developed the way the film looked in “The Visual Effect.” For fans seeking a second look (with additional insight), there’s audio commentary with Timsmit as well.?



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