Elementary – The Fourth Season: Like Father, Like Son?


The fourth season of?Elementary, the Stateside version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series, may be best remembered for its adaptation of “The Hound of the Baskervilles” … or the arrival of John Noble (Fringe) as Holmes’ father. Although, to be fair, Lucy Liu directs her third episode of the show as well!

While any show making it into its fourth season will have its fair share of revolving plot links, the fourth season about our intrepid English detective (on loan to the New York City Police Department) takes a more personal turn here. Even if you’ve been following the themes of Holmes’ (Johnny Lee Miller) other family members (remember that brother of his?) or past lovers, drug addicted friends, etc., nothing will compare to the way that he and his father duel. While they’re mixing it up, it’s up to Joan Watson (Liu) to cut through it all to the quick and keep Holmes out of trouble.

With twenty-four episodes on six discs, there are plenty of cases to examine, and the overarching storyline, of course. But on DVD, you’ll get a special look at varies characters – and the way that the original works have been subverted in this modern retelling. Of course, Noble gets a special feature, but for such a serious show, it’s the Gag Reel that may surprise you.

Regardless of whether you’ve caught this Holmes before or not, there’s time to watch all twenty-four episodes before the fifth season kicks off in October!

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