Friday at the Newport Beach Film Festival

The tag line for the Newport Beach Film Festival this year is ?Go Deeper.? It no doubt refers to the idea that independent films may have a deeper meaning that more commercial films. (Although we at Screenfish often look at popular commercial films for deep meanings?and they are there.) I only got in one film yesterday because (a) it was a light day on the schedule, and (b) there were some technical problems with the second film I went to.

Some Freaks is a coming-of-age story by Ian MacAllister-McDonald. It is story of high school students Matt, who only has one eye, and Jill, who is overweight. They are both ouside the real of ?normal?, but find that when together they are happy. But when Jill leaves for college, and loses weight, Matt isn?t sure it is a good thing. Matt has also added a prosthetic eye. Both are seeking to fit in to the ?normal? world. But will either ever be able to be like everyone else? Can their relationship handle the changes they are going through? It?s a nicely done first film that has won a few awards on the Festival circuit. Some Freaks plays again Tuesday.

The technological issue for the second film was that it had no subtitles. Since the film was Polish that presented a problem. There are lots of reasons that this can happen, so you can?t assign blame without knowing more. It does make from some frustration, though.

But there will be more to come.

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