Comfort Films #1 – WHAT ABOUT BOB?

When times are tough, what stories do you turn to? Our new series, Comfort Films, is designed to look at the films that are important to us and why they help bring us up with everything feels down. In our first episode of this series, Ben Dower stops by to chat about one of his favourites, Frank Oz?s What About Bob?.

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One thought on “Comfort Films #1 – WHAT ABOUT BOB?

  1. First of all, if you renamed the movie “What About Rob Leo?,” that would be a PERFECT example of ME, RIGHT NOW during the Coronavirus! SECONDLY, It sucks that my MOM HATES Will Ferrell, because Bill Murray is a PERFECT comparison to him. THIRDLY, the movie Hook was ALSO done in 1991 as WELL! I know this because I was 8 when it came out. Look it up if you don’t believe me! FINALLY, the movie Elf actually came out in 2003! I ALSO know THIS, because that is when Una and I went to see it in the MOVIE theater around CHRISTMAS time, 5 months after I started WORKING at the Alliance Atlantis Cinemas at Bayview Village!

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