Constantine (2014 Series): Who Stands Against the Darkness


Based on the graphic novel?Hellblazer, David S. Goyer and Daniel Cerone delivered a short-lived television series about John Constantine, the demon-chasing, chain-smoking supernatural detective. Steering closer to the original material than its 2005 predecessor of the same name,?Constantine?spun a web of introspective soul-searching and external good-versus-evil mojo with Matt Ryan as the lead. In the end, the show sadly couldn’t curry up enough favor to earn a second season, but did allow some crossover to The CW’s?Arrow. Now, fans can revisit each of the thirteen episodes, and unpack special features.

After recovering from a failed exorcism, and saving an innocent woman, Constantine inherits a map which sends him on a road trip of source. This is the vein of the film that connects each of the episodes together and progresses Constantine through a series of events which test his skills and draw him closer to who he’s called to be.?Surrounding Constantine on his reluctant quest to rid the world of evil are a psychic (Angelica Celaya), his best friend (Charles Halford), and a guardian angel (Harold Perineau), while Papa Midnite (Michael James Shaw) provides that ongoing threat of epic proportions.

Fans of comic book translations – and?Hellblazer?specifically – will eat up the humor, power, and transition of the story from page to screen. They’ll also be the crowd to most clearly appreciate the 2014 Comic-Con Panel Q&A, and DC Comics Night at Comic-Con. While its transition is significant for bringing both the supernatural and superhero veins to screen, it’s the grittiest (scariest?) of the bunch. Quite honestly, the only other superhero show to have that kind of palpable grit (so far) is Netflix’s take on Marvel’s?Jessica Jones.

It’s just a shame that?Constantine?never got a second chance.

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