Bad Moms: Freed for What?


“Moms don’t quit. Quitting is for dads!”

That’s basically the summation of the latest raunchy comedy wrapped around a message about independence, freedom, and friendship. For everyone who ever wished there was an?Old School?or a?Bridesmaids for moms, the minds behind?The Hangover?deliver… Bad Moms.

Interestingly enough,?Bad Moms?is the story delivered by writer/directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. In a film about women finding their own voice, there’s some irony there – but it still carries with it some hilarious moments, some “did they just…?” moments, and some stand-up-and-cheer moments. That’s thanks to a witty script and the diverse assembly of actresses that Universal unleashed.


Amy Mitchell (Mila Kunis) is the steady half of a marriage – she takes care of the kids from sunup to sundown, works full-time for part-time pay, and takes care of her husband, David Walton’s Mike, who is even more juvenile than her children. When Mike betrays her with an online tryst, Amy snaps, kicking him out, and launching into a wild thrill ride with the hyper-sexualized Carla (Kathryn Hahn) and the repressed Kiki (Kristen Bell) that involves too much drinking, bad choices, and recognizing that she’s not perfect.

Up against Amy in her fight for individuality and motherhood is the picture of snide perfection, Christina Applegate’s condescendingly ominous Gwendolyn James and her two cronies, Stacy (Jada Pinkett Smith) and Vicky (Amy Mumolo). Gwendolyn controls everything about the school, including the soccer coach (J.J. Watts in a hilarious cameo) and the principal (Wendell Pierce). But Amy is not alone – and that’s before she starts romancing single dad Jessie (Jay Hernandez).

While we recognize that Amy has been unfairly treated – by her husband and others in her life, she begins to see that finding herself and her space in life doesn’t have to be at the cost of everything. There’s a balance she comes to that grounds the film: yes, she doesn’t have to be a perfect mom but she still has responsibilities, purpose, and meaning even when she feels like all is lost. Amy is a mom – even if she thinks she’s a bad one!

And just in case you’re worried…?Bad Dads?is due in July 2017!

You can also see the real life stars interview their real life moms, laugh along with the gag reel, and check out deleted scenes. It just might change how you see motherhood… or not.?

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