American Wrestler – The Wizard: Overcome Your Obstacles

Ali Jahani (George Kosturos) moves in with his uncle when he’s only seventeen, and finds himself ostracized and alone in a California town. But, based on true events, Jahani’s story finds redemption on the wrestling mat, where his participation changes the direction of a struggling team. Starring Jon Voigt and William Fichtner, the film will inspire the audience to be themselves – and to believe in impossible dreams.

Special features on the disc include a tell-all as the crew returns to Petaluma (CA) to bring the story to live in “Revisiting the Past,” while Afshar himself tells about his story in “Script to Screen.” The cast dishes on their own experiences in both “Behind the Scenes” and “American Wrestler: American Dream,” while Andy Madadian and Shani Rigsbee’s music video, “Rise,” will further inspire the audience.?

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