All Saints’ Aimee Spurlock: We’re Normal People Loving Strangers

In?All Saints, Affirm Films’ adaptation of the real story of Michael and Aimee Spurlock, an incredibly emotional story of cross-cultural partnership and divine inspiration shines on screen. While the Spurlocks were sent to Smyrna, TN, to help close a small, struggling church, they instead found themselves involved in a rescue mission that involved lifelong residents of the town and an influx of Karen refugees seeking to farm the land. Starring John Corbett and Cara Buono as the Spurlocks, the film delivers a message of hope in the face of fear and teamwork in the face of divisiveness. Now, Aimee Spurlock shares her story with ScreenFish.

“The story is really about us learning to rely on each other, because as you know, ministry can be mindboggling and torturous, without the added complications of cross-cultural relationships!” Spurlock shared with a laugh. “We found ourselves asking God frequently, ‘what are you doing?’ But in a society that is more and more inclined to push us to look at our neighbor sideways, we’re called to see each other as Christ.”

Spurlock shared that the Spurlocks were challenged to “entertain angels unaware,” and that she felt called to live that out while walking down the street, as best she can. That openness and servanthood are two of the characteristics I’ve heard while talking to both Spurlocks, and it shows up in the way that Corbett and Buono play them.

“I was so blessed to have Cara Buono play me,” the wife, mother, and classically trained singer shared. “She’s a writer and a graduate from Columbia, with two degrees! She’s a Christian woman married to a terrific guy. She represented what we believed well on screen.”

In one particular scene, Buono’s Aimee speaks directly to Corbett’s Michael, the same way that Spurlock says she and he talked. “You brought us this far; you can’t let us down,” Aimee says to Michael onscreen. “There’s no way you’re allowed to fail. You’re required to do this.”

This is how the Spurlocks see what they were called to do: in the face of natural storm, angry residents, Episcopal authority. They wouldn’t back down, and they wouldn’t give up, because they knew God had called them to it. That’s what makes the story of?All Saints?all the more remarkable, because God showed up in ways they never imagined as they stayed bold, and obedient.

All Saints is available now.?

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