A Cowgirl’s Song: Fresh Starts and Second Chances

At some point in our lives, everyone needs a second chance.

A Cowgirl?s Song tells the story of sisters Halley (Savannah Lee May) and her sister, Brooke (Darci Lynne) who are shocked to hear that their father has gone to prison for a crime he claims that he didn?t know he was committing. Determined to visit him, they leave home and trek to visit their grandmother (Cheryl Ladd) and figure out how they can help him. Faced with a $50K bail bond, the two girls work together to raise the money in order to set their beloved father free.

Written and directed by Timothy Armstrong, A Cowgirl?s Song is a sweet film about starting over. With the warmth of a Hallmark film, Cowgirl is the type of story that is meant to make you feel good from beginning to end. As the writer/director of films such as Cowgirls & Angels and A Cowgirl?s Story, it?s fair to say that Armstrong has experience with this unrelated franchise and he applies those same sensibilities here. Although key story points include such important topics as addiction and injustice, the tone of the film is fueled by eventual hope. 

Having said this, however, the real star of the film remains its music. Featuring some wonderful country music numbers, Cowgirl?s music absolutely pops and breathes life into the film as a result. For a someone so young, Savannah Lee May carries her voice with a surprising amount of confidence and fun, suggesting that she may have the potential to jump into country pop stardom. At the same time, veteran Cheryl Ladd enthusiastically infuses her songs with a joy that makes them memorable. (Incidentally, it?s worth remembering that Ladd already has a gold record on her mantle at home.) 

At its heart,?Cowgirl?is very much a film about second chances. From the trial of Halley?s father to her friend?s gambling addiction, many of the film?s characters have made questionable decisions in their lives that cause problems for others. However, while lives have been hurt by their decisions, each of these characters wants to do good.?

But they need a second chance to do so.

Similarly, the film also speaks to the challenges of restarting your life when its forced onto the sidelines. A retired country music legend, Halley?s grandmother is struggling with her fears of stepping back into the limelight. At the same time, another character is dealing with a terminal illness which she keeps private in an effort to keep people at a distance. 

In both cases, these character arcs highlight the challenges of moving forward. Whether they?re trapped by poor decisions or simply by their own fears and anxiety, each character in Cowgirl is looking for hope for the future. What does it mean to step into the future when you have walked away from your past? This question lies at the heart of A Cowgirl?s Song and speaks into each of their lives of each of its characters.

Nevertheless, Cowgirl never abandons hope. Regardless of the situation, each of these characters is offered the grace to begin again. No matter what the situation may be, the lives of those in this small Oklahoma town all receive the opportunity to start over with clean slates and redemption. (Whether or not they accept the challenge remains to be seen.) Fueled by forgiveness, Cowgirl understands the grace necessary to bring healing to our relationships and the humility that it takes to change.

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A Cowgirl?s Song is available in theatres on Friday, April 22nd, 2022.

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